Ján Sučan

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GitHub: github.com/jansucan

Email: jan@jansucan.com

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About me

My name is Ján Sučan. I am a programmer.

For me, programming is sharing ideas. Not only to the computer and the users, but also to other programmers and my future self.

The ultimate goal I strive to achieve is clarity. Clarity shares ideas. Clear software is easy to understand, verify, extend, and fix.

I love reading books and learning new things. Currently, I'm

“Interviewer: You seem to scorn complexity. When you design a system, do you strive for simplicity?

Lampson: Right. Everything should be made as simple as possible. But to do that you have to master complexity.”

Butler Lampson for the Programmers at Work

My work

All my projects have available source code. You can find them in my GitHub profile.

Contributions to open-source projects

Google Summer of Code

I was a successful Google Summer of Code 2019 participant with FreeBSD. I was working on a new dual-stack ping command which would support IPv4 and IPv6 in a single utility. The goals were to merge ping6 utility into ping while keeping the output unchanged and to remove duplication of the code.

Magazine articles

The articles were published in Czech magazine Praktická elektronika - Amatérské Radio (Practical Electronics - Amateur Radio). They are written in Slovak language; the magazine started publishing in Czechoslovakia in 1952.


These are my bachelor's and master's theses from my studies at Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University in Prague.